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At Empower Fitness Gym for Women, the message is simple… Be a better, healthier you.  To empower oneself means to regain control on a personal level; get information, act on the information, assume responsibility, make healthier choices. Within our welcoming, all-female environment , we value inclusion, kindness, and acceptance: our doors are open to women of all fitness levels and from all backgrounds since we practice the belief that diversity of our membership and kindness to each other adds value to all of us in our fitness journeys.

Our customers and staff are mostly over the age of 40 and proud of it. Most women at Empower Fitness are between the ages of 40 and 80, and live within a five-mile radius of the gym. One distinct customer group is aged 40 to 55; most of these women are employed and busy juggling multiple responsibilities. This 40 to 55 age group is usually experiencing hormonal shifts (menopause-related), with resulting belly fat concentration and unexplained weight gain; several have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or pre-hypertensive. Most want to lose some weight, trim abdominal inches, tone sagging muscles, and continue to look good.

Another dominant age group at Empower Fitness is aged 55 to 70. Many of these women are transitioning to new roles of retirement, empty-nesting, or singlehood. Fitness concerns frequently involve weight gain, muscle loss, low stamina, and new aches and pains.  The number of women in our 71 to 89 age group has been growing in recent years.  These women are usually retired, health conscious and anxious to maintain their vigor and “keep moving”. Often they are referred to the gym by a friend or a health source (such as a physical therapist or insurance company). The health concerns of many of our customers are aging-related, such as joint pain, muscle strength, mobility issues, and mental acuity. Most customers enjoy the social interaction with others in a “sisterhood-like” community of women.

What do our customers value? The women of Empower Fitness tell us they highly value the staff support and encouragement they get here, the all-female setting, the variety of exercise equipment we offer, the cleanliness of our environment, and the culture we’ve created of community and enjoyment. In the words of some of our customers:  “What a fabulous brain trust of women and warm welcoming group of people”; “Empower Fitness is a cheerful and inviting place to exercise”.  “For me, it is a stress-free environment where I can gather with women of different ages, cultures, and socio-economic levels to improve my health. I feel much more relaxed among my ‘sisters’”; “It’s just so easy to show up, there’s always someone friendly at the door”; “The variety of women at EF is a special quality of the gym…staff exemplify and encourage inclusiveness and sociability.”

The offerings to Empower Fitness customers extend beyond our products of customized exercise routines, assessments and reviews, classes, massage, and personal training services. Staff are fully certified and specifically trained in making all our customers feel comfortable. Our customers tell us they highly value the staff guidance and support they receive…” I feel that the staff really know me and care about me”; “I really appreciate the energy and effort that the staff brings to each member”; “I really appreciate that my particular physical needs and limitations have been consistently met in an atmosphere that includes such a knowledgeable and supportive staff.” Since we respect differences in buying preferences and fitness needs as well as strive to offer services to all women in our area, we offer a variety of membership and payment options. These options include contract and no contract plans and trial plans. Customers are also able to take classes, use personal training, or massage services without paying for membership.

Though the core benefit to our customers is that we are their “go-to” place to exercise, with the clear expectation that their fitness will improve in some way, there are often added benefits over time. These benefits include: improved daily functioning – doing things you couldn’t do before; or looking better – and others notice the difference; or your doctor reduces your medication; or you can sleep through the night because your knee isn’t aching; or you make a new friend; or you move out of your comfort zone and try something new! All of these additional benefits empower one to be a better, healthier person.  In the words of customers: “Now that I am 50, exercising regularly has empowered me to live my life with strength, energy, and the ability to do what I want to do instead of my health imposing restrictions upon my life”; “Physically over these past 10 months, through consistent support/example rather than distress, EF has assisted me in realizing a long overdue weight loss and renewal of a more positive ‘can do’ attitude”; and “I have discovered new muscles in my body that I never knew existed. Today, not only have I recovered from my health issues, but I am stronger and more driven because of EF”.  We think of our customers as real women who age with enthusiasm and work on living joyfully. They have a positive attitude, and assume responsibility for making informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Many of our customers come to us with frustration after wasting money on previous gym memberships or with failed attempts at achieving fitness goals. With a prospective customer, we clearly recognize that there are always other gyms to join, several less expensive than ours; but our sales focus is on helping this woman accurately identify her fitness “problem” and find the “right” gym for her, which may or may not be Empower Fitness. We present how we are different from other gyms, namely that EF programs and services are primarily shaped to the needs of over 40 year old women; that we emphasize personalized service at an affordable rate in a small community milieu; and that – unlike other female-only gyms – we use a broader approach to fitness which includes a variety of classes, personal training, massage, and healthy lifestyle workshops. We value our ethical business practices, and no high pressure sales tactics are used here, since we want a trusting and enthusiastic customer who has confidence that our services can solve her fitness problem.


We have a full-body circuit that can be completed in only 32 minutes! We also have cardio and weight training areas. We offer an exciting range of classes, including Yoga, Group Personal Training, TaiChi,  Balance and Core, and more (see “classes” for our current offerings). We also conduct free Nutrition Classes and other Healthy Lifestyle Workshops, in collaboration with community resources. Outstanding Personal Trainers  are available for private sessions.

Most importantly, we customize your workout to meet your needs. When a new member joins, she receives an assessment by a Certified Personal Trainer and an individual plan is developed, with specific and reasonable goals for the first 30 days. Then a thirty day review is conducted to ensure you’re getting the results you want!


Please come visit and let us help you improve your health.



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