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We just completed a six-week Weight Loss Challenge at Empower Fitness. We were all in “compete” mode, but three people emerged victorious as the winners of the challenge when all points were totaled. The three victor lost a total of 36 pounds, though the challenge goal was to lose 5 pounds over the sic week period. Read on the find out who the winners are and what weight loss techniques worked for them.

And The Winners Are…

First place winner is Pat Andres.  Second place winner is Karen Kennedy. Third place winner is Mary Malley.  We surveyed all of our weight loss challengers to hear what techniques worked for them. Read what they say below.


What Techniques Worked Best to Help You Lose Weight?

A “specific eating plan” was the number one factor related to weight loss, followed by “commitment” and “a good mental attitude”. Pat Andres (first place winner) states: “I enjoyed working with the 17 Day Diet and staying with it as closely as possible. I increased my exercise routine both at home and at the gym.”  Mary Malley (third place winner) states: “I do think the requirement for a specific eating plan really made a difference. I got my spouse to do it with me. I did add exercise on the weekends…”  Another participant added that the technique that worked best for her was “my own personal motivation – my son’s wedding!”

What Features of the Weight Loss Challenge Helped You The Most?

The “rules and structure” and “weekly weigh-ins” were the number one answers.  Karen Kennedy (second place winner) states:  “It’s good when a lot of people join the Challenge to make it seem like a real competition”.  Pat Andres (first place winner) stated: “The entire structure of the program helped me, including the weekly weigh-ins. Without the Challenge I would not have been as disciplined and motivated.”  Mary Malley (third place winner) stated: “I thought the addition of exercise to the class was a real plus.” Other participants added: “Weigh-ins are intimidating so that helps motivate me to exercise and plan what I’m eating”; and “I think it was very helpful to have favorite diets discussed and  sheets handed out on each one.”

What Strategies Will You Use to Maintain Your Weight Loss?

The winners stated:  “I plan to continue with increased exercise and I will watch what I eat since I don’t want to gain back all or most of what I lost. I’m not buying my favorite snack foods and I continue to have smaller, healthier lunches and lots of salads” (Pat Andres); “I’ll continue with my nutritionist and coming to the gym” (Karen Kennedy); “We’re planning on continuing with the 17 Day Diet” (Mary Malley).  Other comments of weight losers include: “Try to plan my meals; this way I will know how to have portion control”; “Weigh myself often, constantly remind myself how quickly weight can come back! Maintain eating plan, exercise almost daily”; and “Eat less, exercise more”.




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  1. Congratulations to all. Your next challenge is to maintain the goals that you worked so hard to reach!!!

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