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Here is the clear focus of our assessment process: to engage you in a new set of healthy behaviors aimed at solving the problems that brought you to the gym in the first place;  with a clear plan customized just for you, tools to empower you to  implement the plan, and lots of friendly support and attention!

As soon as a woman joins, she is scheduled for an initial assessment and orientation.  A “Thirty Day Jumpstart Program” begins to engage the woman immediately in a fitness routine to assist her in achieving immediate results, as a positive reinforcement for exercise and healthy eating.

In the assessment, we not only gather weight, measurements, and body fat analysis but also use other important information such as stated personal goals, diseases, medications, bone and joint conditions, digestive issues, stress management and sleep,  motivation, and current obstacles.

A short-term, thirty day goal is developed which is realistic, specific, and measurable; then a fitness plan for the first thirty days is developed which takes into account the person’s fitness level, goals, level of motivation, physical condition, and vulnerabilities.

This fitness plan includes an exercise routine (and frequency); suggested classes and/or reading materials; eating improvement actions; and awareness/management of obstacles that might interfere with accomplishment of goals.

An orientation to the exercise routine is then conducted with emphases on safety and consistency (developing a routine), and a thirty day review is scheduled. 

The thirty day review and subsequent reviews are important to assess progress and set new goals, as well as to maintain connection with staff.

We discuss not only numerical progress as with weight loss and inches lost, but also how the woman self-reports progress and barriers, her enjoyment with changes made, and satisfaction with gym services.

An ongoing review plan is then developed so the focus can be on improving fitness levels over time, as well as addressing setbacks and obstacles as they occur.




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