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???????????????????????????  Here I am last evening with three lovely students in my “Connection: Here and Now” Class at Capital Health  Center for Comprehensive Breast Care. “Connection” is a four-session wellness course that I specially designed for women in, or healing from, breast cancer treatment. Its focus is on the important mind-body fitness connection, and its goal for each woman  is to feel lighter, looser, and freer!

Each class begins with a seated breathing and stretch routine, specifically designed to increase lymphatic flow and loosen tight muscles. To focus on strength and balance, we do a gentle standing yoga sequence. Yoga is followed by a light cardio and dynamic stretching routine, aimed at increasing range of motion in both upper and lower body areas. To further enhance spirits and increase energy, we dance in simple steps to beautiful rhythms of the world and upbeat contemporary music. Exercises requiring hand-eye coordination are included to help combat the effects of brain fog and confusion. In closing, we practice exercises designed to cool down and stretch muscles. Finally, we have a period to relax, and learn and practice mindfulness (being in the here and now).

Exercise can be empowering

Exercise is an empowering activity, especially after cancer treatment and the sense of lack of control that goes with it. Exercise is an option that a woman has control over, and one can get noticeable results almost immediately. Empower yourself with information and try a form of exercise that suits your needs.

Exercise is personal and individualized

There is no “one size fits all” exercise remedy. Discover  what is best for you, what nourishes you and feels good for your body. Use your illness as a wake-up call to make your health a priority; to emphasize building health, not fighting disease.


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  1. Joan,
    You are doing a wonderful service to these women. I wish YOU were around during my working days. So many patients/women would have benefited from your classes.
    Keep up your great enthusiasm!!

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