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Recent empirical research reports that your social relationships are as important for your health as exercise and eating well.  These findings emphasize the value of social ties to improving a person’s physical health.

Research Supporting Social Ties

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published a study this month which found that the depth and breadth of your social connections will impact your health just as much as diet and exercise.  They specifically found that the size and quality of a person’s social ties affect specific health measures, such as abdominal obesity and hypertension.

Social Ties Important At Different Ages

And these specific health measures are affected at different points in life. For example, teenagers who are socially isolated face same risk for developing inflammation as those who don’t exercise. Older adults are more at risk for developing hypertension from social isolation than from diabetes. A wealth of other research shows that loneliness in old age affects longevity and that a robust social life contributes to better overall health.








Our Social Community at Empower Fitness

So, if exercise is good, eating well is good, and social connections are good…what could be better than exercising in a gym atmosphere that supports all three!  Our customers at Empower Fitness, in a recent survey,  have told us they highly value the gym’s all-female community atmosphere.  In the words of some of our members:  “What a fabulous brain trust of women and warm welcoming group of people”; “For me, its a stress-free environment where I can gather with women of different ages, cultures, and socio-economic levels to improve my health”; “The variety of women at EF is a special quality of the gym…staff exemplify and encourage inclusion and sociability…I’ve made so many friends here!”

The Bottom Line

If you already have a rich social network, maintain and value it realizing how important these connections are to your health and well being. If your social networks or relationships are weak, put the effort into strengthening your existing ties. If you are feeling lonely, do your best to reach to developing new contacts or join new communities.  It’s important for your emotional and physical health!

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