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???????????????  Last evening at Empower Fitness, over thirty people gathered for “Movie Night” to watch FED UP!, a documentary which examines America’s food epidemic and the food industry’s role in aggravating it. The event was co-sponsored by Empower Fitness and another local organization we love, Heart-to-Hearts, which is also committed to improving the health of women and empowering them with information to help make good, healthy choices. The picture at left shows me (Joan Brame, Owner-Manager of Empower Fitness) in the middle with Terry Tucker (President of Heart-to-Hearts) on my right and Tanya Coy (Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Heart-to-Hearts) on my left.

The Food Industry and Government

Using humorous and often disturbing archival footage and featuring interviews with scientists, farmers, government officials, and activists, FED UP! presents an overview of our current food production system. Especially compelling to me was the ongoing conflict between the profit motive of food corporations to make money and the public health best interest of our children and families; which often presents itself as misleading and confusing the American public.  The film follows a group of families battling to lead healthier lives – and reveals why the conventional wisdom of “exercise and eat right” is not ringing true for millions of people struggling with diabetes, childhood obesity, and other serious conditions.

Four Take-Away Messages for Me

This is a movie you will continue to talk about and think about.  After I had a little time to digest the information presented, my primary thoughts are the following…

(1)  Schools should be a primary target for change.  What a grand opportunity we are missing here, since all children 5-18 years of age are in an institution that could be providing healthy food and teaching about healthy choices.  A poor example we are providing.

(2) Must answer the question why some kids can eat junk and stay slender and others don’t?  At one part of the movie, an adolescent  painfully asks the question why his friends can eat junk food and not be obese, but he eats junk food and is obese. The kid needs an accurate answer.

(3) Thin-looking people can be fat on the inside.   I need to learn more about this health risk. How do you assess it for yourself, how does it reveal itself,  and what do you do about it?  This concept was rather new and baffling to me.

(4) Cook at home with real food.   This was the bottom line for me, if anyone wants to make an immediate improvement in one’s own eating. And the message must be conveyed that cooking at home can be a simple and positive experience, with a few simple steps to get started,


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  1. Joan,
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see this ‘eye opening’ movie.
    I think ALL your comments are well taken. I think ALL schools should show the movie @ PTA Meetings, so parents/teachers could really be the ones to help improve healthier eating habits @ home/school. Actually all maternity depts. in hospitals could benefit. Obesity starts from day one of that newborn, especially if in the ‘genes’ to begin with! I think the ‘Food advertising industry’ is one big magnet that needs to be ‘eradicated’!!

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