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There are several important reasons to focus on strength during your fitness workout and this focus is especially important to the over 40 year old female.  We are losing lean muscle mass from the age of 35 on, and the loss accelerates as we get older!  With less lean muscle and less estrogen, our metabolism slows down. Weight gain is likely to become an issue since, even with eating the same amount of food, our bodies are burning less calories. Below, I’ll be highlighting some reasons for a focus on strength training  from an article that was recently printed from the Tribune News Service…

Muscle Burns Calories

20160126_152227When you add one pound of muscle to your body, you raise your resting metabolic rate per day by 37.3 calories; as compared to a pound of fat which uses only 2 calories per day.  And, ladies, resting metabolic rate is where its at if you want to lose or maintain your current weight.  Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories that your body burns daily in a relaxed state, such as sleeping or lounging on the couch.  This rate can be increased by adding muscle to your body. Remember this.

Muscle Helps You Move Better

Muscles are the only things that help you to move.  Whatever activity or action you can name – walking, playing the piano, sewing, kneading dough, typing, singing – muscle strength helps you do it better. Think about muscles connecting to tendons, and tendons attaching to bones, and when you move your bones, your joints either flex or extend. Life is full of movement, and the good news is that you can increase muscle and hence movement/ambulation at any age…it’s never too late.

Muscle Strengthens Your Bones

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, you should be doing muscle-building strength exercises to strengthen your bones. Osteoporosis can be a debilitating disease in which your bones become more porous and brittle. Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis includes exercise in which you regularly stress your muscles and bones against resistance.  Remember that strength training and building muscle includes ANY weight resistant activity, including the use of free weights, the use of strength machines, or the use of your own body for resistance. See examples below from some gals at our gym..


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