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“Vacation” and “Healthy Routine” do seem a bit oppositional to each other, but the issue here for my one week vacation to Chicago was to relax and have fun, yet not return in a bloated state of stupor. Here’s an update on how I approached this challenge.

Set my priorities/intentions for the trip on the flight here

  • Spend quality time with my family
  • Celebrate my niece Katie’s art school graduation
  • Have fun and let loose
  • Exercise daily
  • Limit weight gain to two pounds
  • Conscious drinking (of alcohol)
  • Sleep well
  • Daily gratitude prayers

Quality time, celebration, and fun

Check, check, check to all three of these! By being conscious of my priorities, it helped me make appropriate choices. So, yes, family interaction and togetherness  trumped counting calories and trips to the treadmill! And it felt good.A__4435A__FF4C20160514_144803

Triumphs in maintaining my healthy routine

Actually I did great also with exercising, drinking water, and good sleep. Since we had some down time during the day, I took advantage of neighborhood and downtown walks and use of the hotel’s fitness center. On our second day in Chicago, my niece Ellen and I splurged and bought “FitBit”s. What fun we had together counting our steps and monitoring our sleep patterns, water intake, and heart rate.  Since it was a new “toy” and since I was getting immediate feedback, it actually helped my motivation.

Challenges in maintaining my healthy routine

The biggest challenge, hands down,  was with FOOD!  And. like I always tell other people going on vacations, that no amount of walking or other exercise will compensate for a substantial  increase in calories. How true! And what a difficult balance between enjoying meals out and not gaining a lot of weight. My realistic goal was to gain no more than two pounds in a week. I got weighed this morning and my weight gain was 2.5 pounds. Not bad at all, but I know what I’ll be doing the next few days…buckling down with a reduced calorie plan, drinking my 64oz of water, no alcohol, regular sleep pattern, 10,000 steps per day plus strength training and teaching my classes.  The Challenge at the gym ends this Saturday and I’m determined to finish strong!! And I’m excited to start planning my Summer vacation…


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