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Fitness Before and After Babies

Name: Melinda Eger
Age: 38
Occupation: Employed full-time and mother of four young children
Dated joined Empower Fitness: February 2016
Total Weight Loss: 37 pounds in six months

Melinda’s Story

After the birth of her fourth child Melinda decided to begin her fitness journey. Melinda first started off by taking walks regularly and soon after began running. Melinda hoped to complete her first ever 5k run and ultimately was able to accomplish her goal. During her fitness journey Melinda cut out her favorite food like pasta. Melinda began taking classes at Empower Fitness in February and with the combination of running, gym workouts, and a diet change she has lost 37 pounds. She has also lost fives inches off her waist in over the span of six months. Losing your baby weight takes time and patience. Melinda was able to accomplish her goal through her hard work and by staying motivated.

“Getting an app on my phone to record my calorie intake has really helped me stay on track!” – Melinda Eger

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What She Eats

Melinda generally eats a low carb diet avoiding pasta and bread. She substitutes with protein, vegetables, and healthy snacks. She has also replaced juice with water. She eats smaller meals and eats every 2 hours. She also uses “My FitnessPal” to track her calories and exercise. If she plans to work out, she adds food based on the calories she burns. She rarely eats pasta, rice, and bread because it is difficult for her to stop at a serving size.

Breakfast: English muffin and 1 oz of cheese

Morning Snack: 2 pretzel rods and cup of coffee with non dairy creamer/ sweet and low

Lunch: 4 oz of turkey lunch meat, piece of fruit usually a nectarine or plum, individual container of applesauce

Afternoon snack: 1/2 serving of Cheddar Cheese Groove crackers and individual container of jello

Dinner: 1 cup of barbecue chicken, medium baked potato with butter, 1 serving of corn

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  1. WOW!!!!
    You look great Melinda, Keep up the great routine!!

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