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How I maintained my fitness through menopause

Staying healthy and trim through menopause

Name: Ranae Huber
Age: 57
Occupation: Legal Assistant 
Dated joined Empower Fitness: May 2006
Total Weight Loss/Health Improvements: Maintenance

Ranae’s Story

At the age of 36 Ranae made a commitment to herself to exercise at least three times a week, and walk in between her workout days. She knew as she got older it would be very difficult to maintain her weight and health if she wasn’t proactive. As a young adult she exercised sporadically. She never exercised on a consistent, regular basis. Through her committment to regular exercise and conscious eating, she has maintained her weight and health for over 20 years. Being fit and healthy motivates Ranae and she is still able to fit into clothes that she wore 15+ years ago!

By attending classes Empower Fitness offers, Ranae has learned how to properly read food labels. She concentrates more on ingredients than the calories. She has also learned new and different exercises. Ranae thinks it is important to mix up your exercise routine to work many different muscle groups. Ranae also says Joan Brame is a great motivator and her enthusiasm for exercise and healthy eating is contagious. The friends Ranae has made at the gym motivate her too. Rorie (another EF member) gives Ranae exercise ideas from magazines that encourage Ranae to try different exercises.

“Even if you’re not overweight, exercise regularly and eat properly. Do weight training and ab work, not just cardio. Its hard to maintain your fitness as you get older, but just do it! Don’t complicate it! I like how I look in the mirror and I like being strong and physically active.. The effort is all worth it!”  – Ranae Huber

ranae huber picmonkey after

What She Eats

Breakfast: Coffee and Lara bar

 Snack: Smoothie-two fruits, one frozen and one fresh, kale or spinach, flax seed, cacao nibs, cinnamon, walnuts, and almond milk.

Lunch: Kale salad, brown rice salad, salmon with avocado, left overs from dinner in small portions.

Dinner: Chicken, turkey, fish, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, veggies. Does not fry or add any cream/sauces. She makes her own dressing and adds herbs and spices. She avoids processed sugar, white processed flour and salt.

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  1. Congratulations Ranae. Keep up your enthusiasm and hard work @ gym.
    You have inspired so many @ the gym.

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