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At Empower Fitness, the message is simple…

Be a better, healthier you

We value inclusion, kindness, and acceptance

within our welcoming, all-female environment

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Weight Loss Challenge – Are You Ready?

Weight Loss Challenge – Are You Ready? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Challenging yourself to be disciplined and lose weight during the most indulgent eating time of the year. But we tried holding our popular weight loss challenge during the holidays last year (2012) and it worked. Most people lost weight and felt great about it, and a lot even continued their healthy eating habits during the holidays Imagine thinking about something other than buying gifts, […]


Nourished My Mind, Body, Spirit – NAMI Harvest of Hope Conference – October 5, 2013

Nourished My Mind, Body, Spirit – NAMI Mercer Harvest of Hope Conference           My time is precious. I especially hate to waste time on a Saturday since it’s my typical “catch up” day at home filled with housecleaning, food shopping, paper sorting, etc. etc.  When I do have to leave my home nest on a Saturday, I want it to be really worth my time. This past Saturday spent at NAMI’s […]


Massage and Exercise the Perfect Partnership: October Sales

Massage and Exercise the Perfect Partnership: October Sales

October Promotion – Massage and Exercise Massage and physical exercise is a perfect partnership.  That’s why we include massage/spa services at Empower Fitness gym. Massage +  exercise = a higher level of health and vitality. The benefits of both massage therapy and exercise include: stress relief; blood circulation improvement; flexibility and range of motion improvement; pain relief; physical  depression and anxiety relief; and a promotion of well-being.



       So let’s be clear about what belly fat is. There are actually two main kinds of belly fat, and one is actually much more  dangerous than the other to your health.  Subcutaneous fat is the jiggle fat that is just under your skin and most of us carry some of it somewhere in our bodies (my thighs – painful example!).  Visceral (hidden) fat is deeper fat that wraps around the inernal organs in our […]


Getting Back on the Horse: How to Get Your Fitness Groove Back

What I mean here is getting back into your good fitness routine after you’ve broken that routine. You know – you’ve had a slip-up; like a vacation with too much indulgence or a major change in routine (like the kids out of school for vacation) or an emotional upset when your motivation to exercise disappears and your anxiety dominates. We’ve all been there. We’re real women. We make mistakes. Life happens. We recover.  I’m talking about the recovery part […]

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