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Weight Loss


CHALLENGE * April 17 – May 28, 2017  

*(see special challenge program for non-members below)

Congratulations on accepting this challenge TO DROP SOME POUNDS for a HEALTHIER YOU in preparation for the Summer season ahead!  Change is hard. This Challenge will help you make it. We’ll teach you tools to do it!  Your success will depend on these key healthy behaviors: consistent exercise; healthy weight-loss eating;  and stress management/sleep…..Here’s how it works:

1)    You work independently to earn points.  Prizes are awarded to the individuals earning the most points.

2)    Weigh-Ins will take place on  April 14, 15, 17, and 18 (Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday). The Challenge officially starts on Monday, April 17, 2017.

3)    Weigh-Outs will take place on May 25, 26, 27, and 30 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday). The Challenge officially ends Sunday, May 28, 2017.

4)    The winners will be announced at our Girls Night Out function on Wednesday, June 14 (6-8pm). Prizes($$$) will be awarded to those with the highest points.

5)    There is a $20 entrance fee for Empower Fitness members (program is also available for non-members at a total cost of $69). If five pound weight loss is maintained on June 28, 2017, 50% of the entrance fee ($10) will be refunded.

 Here’s how to earn points:       (Planning and Review Classes for “Challengers” only)

  • **Attendance at Planning Class (45 minutes)  =  50 points each   Dates are: Mon. April 17/11:00am(JM) or 5:30pm(JB), Tues. April 18/10:30am(HW) or 4:30pm(JB), Wed. April 19 12:00pm(JB) or 6:00pm(JM), THurs. April 20/2:00pm(HW), FRi. April 21/5:00pm(JB), Sat. April 22/9:00am (JB)
  • Workout or Exercise Class  =  10 points each workout or class (limit ten points per day)
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins  =  10 points each
  • Nutrition/Exercise Improvement Change (completion of weekly pledge)  =  25 points.   (improvement in both categories = 25 points
  • Weight  Loss = 25 points per pound (based on final weigh-out);  Five-pound weight loss bonus = 100 points
  • Attendance at Healthy Lifestyle Class (thirty minutes)  =  50 points each class.   
    • Fat-Burning Exercise (HW): April 27/6:30pm, April 28/10:00am, April 30/1:00pm, May 19/9:00am
    • Weight Loss Review: May 3./12:00pm(JB), May 4/3:00(HW) or 6:30pm(JM), May 5/4:30pm(JB), May 7/1:00pm, May 8/5:00(JB)
    • Blasting Belly Fat (JB):  April 24/6:00pm, April 25/12:30pm, May 12/5:00pm 
    • Metabolism (JM): April 24/11:00am, April 26/6:30pm, MNay 10/7:15pm, May 11/6:00pm  
    • Stress Eating Workshop (Carol Rickard): May 9/6:00pm, May 11/12:00pm  



$69.00 +tax    (Join before April 17!)

  • No Contract
  • Six – Week Unlimited Use of Gym
  • Includes all 30 minute classes (10 per week)
  • Orientation and Nutrition Meetings
  • 14 Healthy Lifestyle Classes
  • Pre- and Post- Assessments



Many of our members want to implement healthy lifestyle changes.  We consistently stress a combined exercise, healthy eating, and good stress management approach as the best way to make these changes.  Weight loss is frequently one of the goals for many women.

A very popular and effective tool  that we’ve used for several years at Empower Fitness is the Weight Loss Challenge, a six-eight week program currently offered two times  a year.

The Health Challenge emphasizes three key elements:

  • healthy eating for weight loss
  • the right exercise routine including strength and cardio intervals
  • commitment/discipline/motivation
 When a person joins the program, she accepts the challenge to make healthy changes and receives a copy of all the rules and how to earn points.

Motivational and informational meetings are conducted by staff throughout the event.

Participants  work independently to earn points, and weekly point earnings are posted. Prizes are  awarded to the individuals earning the most points.

Participants earn points for workouts and classes and weekly weigh-ins and attendance at healthy lifestyle classes and logs of changes implemented; and weight loss points at the end. Results are kept secret after the weigh-outs and there is a  Celebration to announce winners and award prizes.

And actually, the Health Challenges are more than just fun and camaraderie. They are an effective tool to learn and reinforce healthy behaviors and to empower people with new tools to help them to be more fit!



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