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Want to improve your physical and mental and spiritual health all in one shot? Then try yoga. As Dr. Anthony Komaroff notes in a recent syndicated article, many studies have shown that yoga can improve strength, flexibility, and balance; and is also effective in relieving stress and anxiety.

Yoga Instructor at Empower – Joan Malchow

joanmalchowJoan states that “Yoga makes us feel good, even if a practice is limited to asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques). Nobody really understands why a student comes to a yoga class with a raging headache and leaves without it. Yoga promotes feelings of well-being, peacefulness, emotional balance, and a strong, flexible body. This truly illustrates the concept that yoga connects the mind, the body, and the spirit. It unites each of us in a very special way. It deeply enriches my own life and I practice it nearly every day.”

 Mind-Body Practices

Yoga incorporates the mind-body practices of breath control, deep relaxation, meditation, concentration, and mindfulness. These practices counteract stress by evoking the relaxation response. The relaxation response lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and decreases the production of stress hormones.

The Relaxation Response

Try these exercises to help you feel more relaxed: (1) select a word, mantra, or thought. Focus your attention on it in a relaxed manner;  (2) when other thoughts intrude, let them go, and re-focus your attention without frustration or judgment. Start with five minutes of this exercise, then increase the time as you deem helpful.

To Learn More About Yoga

If you wish to read more about how yoga affects your health and well-being, you can read a short e-book called “Your Brain on Yoga” by Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa.



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  1. thanks for hi lhighlighting my personal passion. Yoga gives me so much peace, strength, lighteness of nmind, body and spirit spirit and reduces, if not removed, stiffness. Yoga feels so good. Give it a try.

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